Data recovery on Surface computers

Microsoft Surface broken or crashed? Don’t worry, we can repair it. Do you want to check it?

We have all suffered, at some point, the complete loss of data on our computer, either due to software problems or human error.

Similarly, the anxiety or problems that arise due to loss of important data, causes the customer to need Surface Labs data recovery service. Recovering data from a Computer is not an easy task, but it is much more difficult to perform. the data recovery from a microsoft surface computer. Luckily, we specialize in Microsoft Surface PC data recovery.

Surface Labsprovides a data recovery service through the deployment  of highly qualified recovery professionals with proven experience and skills recognized for their quality in the area.

We work with specific techniques that will extract and recover content lost in an erroneous way or due to a breakdown in the equipment.

It should be remembered that there are very few occasions in which the data can be lost permanently, but everything will depend on the speed with which you work to achieve its prompt recovery and the type of damage suffered by the data. microsoft surface team.Similarly, don’t worry about your data even if your hard drive crashes, we have technical professionals with exceptional skills. Surface Labs will provide the service you need. Request our services.

Can you make use of data recovery programs for this purpose?

You can do data recovery on Surface PCs by yourself. To do this, it will be necessary to use special programs for this purpose. In the network you can get several that will help you complete this task, but the best known and that many users use because they are functional for them are the following:

  • Recuva. The leader par excellence when it comes to recovering data on computers. Recuva is perfect not only because it is very easy to use, but also because it is easy to install on any PC. You will only have to download the application and go to the drive where the lost files were. Once there, press «scan» for the program to do its job.

Note that these files do not appear with their original name after that scan. Instead, they have the name «rare».

To repair them, you must press on each of them. Similarly, it will not be possible to make an effective restoration of all. Those that appear in green are the ones that can be rescued, while those that you see in red have already lost their information, so it is not convenient to try a recovery. If they are in an orange tone, it may be possible to carry out the process, but it will not always be effective for you.

  • Another option available to you is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Like Recuva, it is one of the most used by those who have suffered data loss on Surface computers and need to recover it as soon as possible. How does it work? Same as Recovery. Once you see the files that you can restore on your PC, select each one of them and follow the process that will be mentioned.
  • If with the help of this class of programs it is not enough to recover data from a Surface, go to a technical service center. At Surface Labs we are trained to help you with this and any other problem that arises with your device.

What if what you need is to recover lost data in Windows?

Don’t worry, it is also possible that you recover them easily. Methods? As in what was said about file recovery programs, there are several. You just have to follow a few steps for it.

  • One option you have to recover lost Windows data on your Microsoft Surface is to search the famous recycle bin. Yes, the most obvious way, but that many overlook and where they can get an effective solution to this conflict. All you have to do is locate the lost file(s) and click «recover files». They will reappear where they were.
  • But if this doesn’t work for you, try doing a file check on all the servers where you usually store the documents you work with. Drive and Dropbox are the most commonly used. In addition to this, check what you have saved on your USB devices as an alternative method to recover files.

  • One more way to try to recover lost data on Windows is to check your system backups. Maybe you already know it, but if not, we tell you that Windows is in charge of making these copies automatically, in case you need to use them at any time. To make the recovery on any of the saved dates, go to the control panel. Next, go to the system and maintenance section, followed by backup and restore from the point you want. Once this is done, press «restore files» so that you can view them again on your PC.
  • As a last option you have to recover the old versions of the file that you have lost. How? Going to the file explorer and locating there the folder with the data that you need to have again. On the icon for that folder, right-click and hit «restore previous versions.» There you will see a list of all those versions that you have available of the same document. Select the one you think is convenient or necessary in your case.

If none of this works for you to recover data on Surface computers, we recommend that you go to a technical service center in Madrid or Spain, such as Surface Labs, where we will help you resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

What will we provide you for the recovery of your data?

At Surface Labs, we’ll provide you with data recovery in a wide variety of circumstances. Thedata recovery service covers:

  • Hard drive formatted and not detected
  • Infected virus, human error
  • Corrupted or deleted hard drive partition
  • Hard drive burned / physical crash / dynamic partition
  • email data
  • If they were deleted from the Recycling Bin.

How do we proceed in Data Recovery?

First of all, the microsoft surface equipment must be evaluated in a complex way by our technical staff, and depending on the diagnosis, the procedure to be carried out for the optimal recovery of the files will be decided. What will it depend on? More than all of the type of scenario that is presented in the data recovery. These might be:



It can happen on a single disk, on a partition or due to problems in the operating system. For these cases, the files should only be copied to another disk. At Surface Labs we have the necessary tools to perform data recovery based on this scenario.



In this case, the complexity to recover the datais greater. The solution can be varied. From repairing the file system, the partition table or performing hard drive data recovery techniques. Our staff has experience performing this type of complex data recovery. Your equipment and data will be in the best hands in Madrid.

At Surface Labs we have specialists who ensure data recovery.

For each situation we will provide a solution, it is our specialty. In addition, through our professional staff, data recovery will be easy. Data recovery service is waiting for you. It’s time to give your Microsoft Surface PC the quality it deserves.

Specialized technical staff

What characterizes us at Surface Labs is the professionalism of all our staff. From the administrative staff to the technical staff, they have verifiable experience in their respective areas of work.

In the technical service area, we have engineers and trained technical personnel who will carry out the necessary repairs to recover your data.

Favorable results

We have a record of successfully completed technical work.

Customers are the best advertising. Therefore, obtaining the results that the client expects is paramount. We will work to provide you with quality and professionalism.

Affordable prices

We work with fair prices in the technical service market. Unlike other companies, we charge a fair price when it comes to data recovery services.

Our priority is to provide you with the best data recovery service at a reasonable and accessible price.

Free quote

We provide our customers with the opportunity to request an accurate and fair quote for their Microsoft Surface data recovery service.

What should you do? Providing your equipment is paramount, in this way the technical staff will have the opportunity to evaluate your equipment in detail, diagnose it and provide you with a quote.

What are you waiting for to request the data recovery service?