We have all suffered, at some point, the complete loss of data on our computer, due to software problems or some human error. Likewise, anxiety or problems that arise due to the loss of important data make the customer need Surface Labs data recovery service.

Restoring data from a computer is no easy task, but restoring data from a Microsoft Surface computer is much more difficult. Fortunately, at Surface Labs, we specialize in recovering data from Microsoft Surface equipment.

Do you need the service? Below we will provide you with everything that we will provide you at the time of your request. Remember, we are the best data recovery service in Madrid.


Surface Labs provides a data recovery service through the use of highly qualified recovery professionals with verifiable experience and skills recognized for their quality in the area.

We work with specific techniques that will be able to extract and recover lost content incorrectly or due to equipment failure.

It should be remembered that there are very few occasions in which data can be lost permanently, but everything will depend on the speed with which you will operate to obtain its prompt recovery and the type of damage suffered by the Microsoft Surface equipment.

Likewise, don’t fear for your data even if your hard drive crashes, we have technical professionals with outstanding skills.

Surface Labs will provide the service you need. Request our services.

What will we provide for the recovery of your data?

At Surface Labs, we will provide you with data recovery in a wide variety of circumstances. The data recovery service covers:

• The formatted hard disk is not detected
• Infected virus, human error
• Damaged or deleted hard disk partition
• Hard disk / physical block / dynamic partition burned out
• Outlook, Microsoft Outlook recovery or repair
• message information
• Data loss due to natural disasters such as floods, fires
• Recover data even if it has been deleted from the Recycle Bin.

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For every situation we will provide you with a solution, it is our specialty. Also, through our professional staff, data recovery will be an easy task.

At Surface Labs we have specialists who will ensure data recovery. The data recovery service is waiting for you. It’s time to give your Microsoft Surface equipment the quality it deserves.


Our technical staff works with specialized programs to recover deleted files and which scan the hard disk for clusters that resemble files. In this way the data recovery is more effective and faster.

With us, recovering your data is a guarantee. The speed of data recovery will depend on the complexity of the loss.

Do you need to recover your data urgently? Request the kelatos data recovery service.

How do you proceed with data recovery?

First of all, the microsoft surface team must be evaluated in a complex way by our technical staff, and based on the diagnosis, the procedure to be performed for optimal file recovery will be decided.

What will it depend on? Most of all the kind of scenario that occurs in data recovery. These could be:


It can happen on a single disk, on a partition, or due to problems in the operating system. In these cases, the files only need to be copied to another disk. At Surface Labs, we have the tools you need to perform data recovery based on this scenario.

To avoid or prepare for these cases, we always recommend that you make a hard copy of your Microsoft Surface. If you don’t know how to perform this procedure, our Microsoft Surface technical service staff will help you and explain the corresponding process.

Mitigating or completely eliminating our customers’ doubts is crucial for Surface Labs, if you need to know more about the data recovery process, ask with confidence.


In this case, the complexity of recovering the data is greater. The solution can be varied. From repairing the file system, to partition table or performing hard drive data recovery techniques.

Our staff are experienced in performing this type of complex data recovery. Your equipment and data will be in the best hands of Madrid.


By requesting the services of the Surface Labs company, you will add benefits to yourself and your Microsoft Surface team. From fair prices to optimal results. Here, we explain some of the benefits:


What characterizes us is that Surface Labs is the professionalism of all our staff. From administrative staff to technical staff, they have verifiable experience in their respective areas of work.

In the technical service area, we have engineers and qualified technical personnel who will carry out the necessary repairs to recover your data.


We work with fair prices in the technical services market. Unlike other companies, we charge the fair for the data recovery service.

Our priority is to provide you with the best data recovery service at a reasonable and affordable price.


We provide our customers with the opportunity to request an accurate and fair quote for their Microsoft Surface data recovery service.

What should you do? Facilitating your equipment is essential, in this way the technical staff will have the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your equipment, diagnose it and provide you with a quote.


We have a record of successfully completed technical work.

Customers are the best advertisement. Therefore, getting the results the customer expects is crucial. We will work to provide you with quality and professionalism.


Requesting our data recovery service is very simple. You just have to adhere to the following steps:


Making first contact is the main thing. You can do it directly in our offices or by telephone. Now, you are wondering how to make the first contact? Our phone number and address are provided on the Kelatos website.

We do not work with previous appointments, we will be at your disposal from the first moment you contact us to request the data recovery service.

Does your Microsoft Surface team need the service? Do not hesitate and request the service. You will be in the best hands of professional quality in Madrid.


Do you want to receive an accurate diagnosis and quote? For this, you will need to supply your Microsoft Surface equipment to our specialized technical staff.

At the same time, your equipment will be evaluated for other possible technical damages that could lead to data loss.

Our administrative staff will take care of providing you with the budget that best suits your needs and those of your team. Remember, our priority is to restore the functionality of your equipment.

Data recovery service is what your Microsoft Surface computer needs.


In case the customer agrees with the budget, the technical work to get the data recovered will start immediately.

The data recovery service can take anywhere from a week to 15 days. It all depends on the complexity of the recovery techniques to be implemented on your Microsoft computer.

Delivery dates will be agreed with the customer. In the event that for any reason external to our staff, the delivery date cannot be respected, you will be notified immediately.

In this way, we encourage communication between client and staff. In addition to keeping customer service at an optimal level.

Your Microsoft Surface equipment deserves technical service of its height. Kelatos data recovery service is what you have been looking for.


What are you waiting for to request the data recovery service? Requesting the service is very simple and the benefits are countless.

In addition, your team will be in expert hands, which you can get to know at our facilities.

Our staff will be at your service. If you have doubts about our services and how to use them, you can safely express them to our staff.

Likewise, Kelatos, aims to provide optimal services that allow the restoration of the functionality of computer equipment.

With us, your Microsoft Surface equipment will be free from glitches. In addition, we will offer you quality results.

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