Fix Surface Pro that won’t turn on and freezes on logo

Microsoft Surface broken or crashed? Don’t worry, we can repair it. Do you want to check it?

Surface that won’t turn on and freezes on the logo? Don’t worry! At Surface Labs we are going to help you solve that problem

Does the screen unlock? Does the Surface force boot? What can be done in these cases?

You do not have to worry about carrying out the process itself. We are trained to do it for you. We want you to have your equipment in your hands again, like new.

No more stress over a Surface that gets frozen on the logo

The comfort of its use was just one of the benefits that led you to make the decision to choose this equipment as your work tool. Being recognized as part of a brand in the technological world, too. Somehow you put aside the idea that I could suffer from problems as atypical as this.

But reality hit you head-on when, overnight, your Surface Pro becomes unresponsive. What can you do? Logically this is a fault that you cannot solve on your own. Even so, it is recognized among those who provide technical service to these tablet models. It is an atypical conflict for you, but not for us. That’s why we know how to help you fix it.

If the logo appears when you turn on your Surface, but it turns off instantly 

It is because, possibly, you have to change the Bios chip. For this and other solutions in this regard, there is the Surface Labs team

We know how busy your day to day is. You may not be able to move your equipment to our location. If you like, we can look for it and take it wherever you want. Leave it in our hands!


The Surface technical service that we provide has a guarantee. Not only that. So do the parts we use, in case a team requires them.


One less worry! We care about you and the punctuality in the delivery of your Surface. We work quickly, but efficiently.


You won’t have that problem again. A Surface that stays in the logo does not have to be a failure that is too expensive to solve. You can check it with the budget that we will give you.


Forcing a Surface boot may not be enough to fix the problem. Don’t worry! We will make the equipment look like new, whatever the answer to solve the situation of any model of these tablets.

Is the premises in a restricted area?

No. In fact, we actually have a public parking lot very close to it.

How long does the diagnosis take?

The process is carried out the same day the equipment is delivered.

We have pick up and delivery service.

We have replacement equipment, if you need to perform any task during the repair.

How to fix Surface Pro that won’t turn on and freezes on logo

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Save a lot of time and money on configurations

Elements that you should take into account when you buy a new computer.

How much does the repair cost?

If this is a concern for you, don’t worry. We carry out a first diagnosis at no cost to give you the best budget.

Less than buying a new computer

Why go to another expense when you can get your Microsoft Surface repaired?

If your Surface turns on but won’t start

We can also solve it in less time than you imagine.

We always care about providing a complete Surface technical service. That includes reducing the distress our customers may have. For this reason, we are committed to providing continuous information on the progress of the repairs.


Unlike other Surface service locations, we do not charge an upfront fee for diagnosis.


Microsoft Surface, like many other tablets, are very delicate equipment to handle, so our professionals use the best and most adaptable tools for repairs of these devices.


We guarantee the delivery of your product, in the established time or before. Our clients can attest to this. Do you want to be one of them? Ahead! We are confident that you will be satisfied with Surface Microsoft support.

Opinions of our clients


“Their handling of data privacy was the reason I decided to work with them. They repair every Surface model out there. It is a company that has a well-established work policy. I recommend them.”

«They have been in charge of all the maintenance of the Surface of the Commercial Department. They always solve our problems quickly and, when we have had an incident, they respond with the same speed to the guarantees, something that not all companies do.”

“I’m glad there are tech services like this, I had my Surface Pro 7 screen replaced the same day. I was stopped for a few hours. Also, they have good prices.

We are constituted by a select team of professional quality.

Which has verifiable experience and is constantly updated regarding Microsoft Surface repairs.

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse

Timely Surface PC service can prevent major disputes resulting in overspending.

You probably don’t know exactly what’s going on with your computer. But we can help you find the answer and find the best solution with a first diagnosis at no cost. Do you want more information about it?