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  • Address to repair Surface in Madrid: C. de Joaquín María López, 26, 28015 Madrid, Spain
  • Telephone:+34 633 09 31 17

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What customers say about us

Surface Repair in Madrid

I took my Surface Pro3 with a broken screen at 12:30 p.m. and it also wouldn’t start. At 5:00 p.m. on the same day, the screen had already been changed and the system formatted. Working perfectly. A professional, fast and serious service. I recommend it 100%.
Miguel Angel Leon
One month ago
Some time ago I had problems with my Surface Pro and I took them to fix it. I want to emphasize that they are professional and attentive. I didn’t know them but I’m going to bring them a second computer that we lost. They earned my trust without a doubt.
Juan M barrios
4 months ago
I have a Surface that is lifting the screen, it was literally taking off. He took them and they tell me it’s the battery, they change it and they return my battery swollen with air. I appreciate your speed all the same day.
Hilario Martin Morales
5 months ago
Delighted with your services because they changed my Surface battery the same day super fast. They have a lot of experience with Surface I recommend.
Javier Calvo Peral
3 months ago
I called several places to change the battery, and all of them told me that if the screen broke, I had to pay for a new one. This was the only company that assured me that this was not going to happen. It works well.
Laura Jimenez
5 months ago
They changed the 2 batteries of my Surface Book 2, and they sold me the original charger. I had to wait 4 days because one of the batteries was not in the store.
Maria T. Hartacho
4 months ago

No more fear of losing your device. We can repair Surface right now

You have one of the best computer equipment today. Light, compact, perfect. But you never imagined that it could be damaged. Come on, who would buy a device thinking that it would eventually have bugs?! But that is the reality. All of them are exposed to suffer from any type of conflict, at any time. Fortunately, all is not lost. And that’s why you’re here. Now clear your worries and the fear you have of not being able to use your PC with the technical service to repair Surface.


We are located in Madrid, at Calle de Joaquín María López, 26. But it is easier for you to see it on the map:

Surface Labs | Technical service

Directions to Surface Labs

Surface Labs is located in Madrid, C. de Joaquín María López 28, very close to the Plaza de España, just 8 minutes away, and only 3 from the Metro Islas Filipinas.

We are also close to: CEU San Pablo University, Universidad Complutense de MadridUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid,  Universidad Pontificia Comillas , Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus. In addition, we are close to the school La Salle Sagrado Corazón ,  Colegio Decroly, Asunción Rincón and Colegio Jesús Maestro.

Other landmarks: the Templo de Debod and the Parque del Oeste, We are also very close to the following bus lines: Cristo ReyHospital Universitario La Paz, Circular 1, Marques de Viana, Pitis, Línea 2 y Línea 12. Stops of the Metro Islas FilipinasMoncloa y Canal.

Where to repair Surface, with warranty?

In case you are still within the valid time range to use the factory warranty, you can directly contact the brand’s technical service.

  • The first thing you should do is enter your account on the Microsoft Surface Pro technical support website, in Spain. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to create it. In this way you will save time and verify how the resolution of your case is going.
  • Once inside the Microsoft Surface Pro helpor technical support panel, you can enter the data of your equipment and select the problem you are having. Many of the solutions will be provided if you have an active product warranty.

You can also contact the Microsoft Surface Pro technical service team in Spain directly through the following telephone number: +34 633 09 31 17.

Focused on

Surface repair, anytime

Our Microsoft Surface Pro technical service team in Madrid will be exclusively dedicated to working on the repair of your computer, that is, without interrupting the work with other projects so that you can have it in your hands as soon as possible.

If a device is very old and does not charge, could it be a problem with the device itself, the battery or the charger?

Indeed. When a laptop has already spent 5 or 6 years of use, the causes of its non-operation can be due to many factors. However, if you notice that it has suddenly stopped charging, this may be due to a damaged charger or battery, the latter component being the most prone to change.

One of the ways to verify where the problem lies is by trying to remove the battery, plugging the device into the outlet and, if the power passes that way, it is because, perhaps, the battery is the part to change.

But, as we have said, the fault may be another not so visible. Therefore, if the above does not work or you do not have an alternative charger with the same characteristics to test if it is this product, we recommend you go to a Microsoft Surface Pro technical service store such as Surface Labs to verify the situation of the problem. equipment and what to do about it.

Surface repair-level issues like these are what we can fix at our location. What kind of Microsoft Surface Pro support do you need today?

Do you have a broken or damaged Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Here you can find what you were looking for

We can help you solve your problem so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.


We transfer all your information (such as Word and Excel files, photos, videos, among other documents) to an alternate computer so that you can continue working.


Do not panic! If you’ve lost your files, we can «bring them back to life» on your Surface device.


Knowing how much it’s going to cost to get your Surface fixed costs nothing. We provide estimates at no cost.


Unsatisfied with any of the computer repairs we did? Go with your guarantee!

How does surface repair work?

Very easy! In three simple steps we show you how to request the best Microsoft Surface technical service in Madrid.

1.Tell us the problem

Provide us with the description of the device failure and explain why it does not work as you expect.

2. Get a quote

Ask the price of the Surface repair. The device will go through a thorough evaluation to find the problem.

3. Bring your device

You can deliver the PC to us at our facilities or you can also request collection in the comfort of your home or workplace. As you like!

4Benefits of HAVING our SURFACE REPAIR technical service


We have the best professional technical team in Madrid, whose function is to solve our clients’ problems. Among the trained staff of Surface Labs you will find computer engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the technology sector.


Unlike other companies, we have specialists who care about you, about your savings. Therefore, we provide diagnoses and quotes for free. Yes, you won’t have to pay a single euro to get a fair quote adapted to your pocket!


If your device has a broken screen or any other technical issue, call us or stop by our store located in Madrid today, as we service all generations of Surface equipment, with high-quality parts.


Our facilities have highly qualified security personnel and an ethical technical team. When you deliver your Microsoft Surface, it will be completely safe. It is an important part of the technical service we offer!


💶 How much does this service cost?

Undoubtedly, less than buying a team with the same characteristics. Also, remember that we make a budget without commitment.

🚘 We are not in a restricted area

You have parking 1 minute walk from the premises.

🕕 Diagnosis time

Diagnoses are made the same day. Say goodbye to the long wait!

We have a collection and delivery service.

We change the battery and the screen of your Surface in 2 hours


La France

What does your Surface need?

Microsoft Surface computers are made with high-quality materials and good durability, although various accidents may occur that could damage the device. This is where our professional experts come into action to help you.

➡️ Change of charging port

If you have problems with the charging port, we can solve it in a very short time.

➡️Screen Change

We have the necessary experience and skills to perform the screen change, regardless of the model of the PC.

↘️ Battery Change

100% new and original batteries, ready to replace your device.

↘️ Data Recovery

No matter the state of the Surface, we can recover the lost information.

↘️ Keyboard Replacement

If one or more keys have been damaged, we will inspect the keyboard and replace it, if necessary.

Do you want to extend the useful life of your Microsoft Surface?

Did you know that it is essential to give preventive maintenance to these machines so that they maintain their functionality?

Our technical support professionals are highly qualified to perform these jobs. In addition, they are well known throughout Madrid. At the same time, you will avoidthe most frequent inconveniences for these devices: charging problems, keyboard and screen breaks.

Something else you should take into

Humidity and dust are responsible for some errors that could occur in the computer’s peripherals. Even so, if these elements are the cause of the conflict, we will solve it with a proper cleaning.

Your Surface repair in the hands of a high-quality professional team

We have verifiable experience and we keep a constant update regarding the good health of your device.

without obligation

If you haven’t found exactly what’s wrong with your Surface device, write to us so we can help you with the problem. We’re here to serve you.