Instant Surface Laptop Battery Change

If the problem with your Microsoft Surface is in the portable battery, we can help you change it You have nothing to worry about. Today you can solve this situation that causes you so much discomfort.

If the real problem is with the charger and not the battery, we’ll find out. Likewise, we have the part that your Microsoft Surface needs.

You were not expecting. You know that any technological equipment can suffer an incident at any time, but you hoped that it would not happen with your Surface. Still, your hopes were dashed when your tablet simply stopped turning on.

Don’t stay without doing your errands with your Surface because of a battery problem💎

But what would happen if we told you that this small conflict could be caused by something as simple to resolve as changing your battery or, in any case, changing your charger?  Surely a weight would be lifted off your shoulders. And the reality is that the fault can be found in one of these two elements.

If it is part of the second case, the solution is even clearer: acquire another charger which we can provide you. If you need to change the battery, we recommend doing it with our technical support team to avoid any problem with the assembly of these delicate devices.

How to know if the Surface laptop battery change is imminent?

The most important thing to know if a laptop battery is damaged is to look at the symptoms that this part of the PC presents. Noticing that something is having errors is very simple, but, in this case, you will have to be aware of it so as not to confuse the well-being of one element of the computer with another. As for the battery, specifically, there can be confusion with a charger that no longer works. Look at the following aspects to start taking action on the problem and know if, in fact, you will need a Surface battery change or not (for the brand we are focusing on):

  • The Surface doesn’t last very long without being connected to AC power. You can verify that the device is charging properly, but once you unplug it, it does not stay on for more than 2 hours or even less. And it is that, depending on the model you have, the charge should be enough for you to work for about 3-5 hours.
  • When you plug in your Surface, you find that it doesn’t charge properly. In fact, it may not even charge 1% or, if it does, it is a long period of time. You also do not get to visualize the led light blinking as usual. Both of these are signs that you may need to replace your Surface Microsoft battery.
  • It no longer charges to 100%. This is a very common problem that users notice. The equipment cannot fully charge until much less than 100%, which means that, most of the time, the laptop has to be plugged in to stay on. This is definitely another symptom that makes you think about changing the Surface battery as soon as possible.

Yes, this seems to be the immediate solution and, surely, the one that you will have to take.

But, even so, we suggest that you do not make the purchase without first fully verifying where the conflict to be resolved is. To find out if you are correct, take your device to a Surface technical service team in Madrid or in the location you are in, within Spanish territory. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can opt for ours. At Surface Labs we can quickly detect where the error is and correct it in less time than you expect.

Avoid making expenses that were not within your budget. If you need to change the battery of a Surface, do not do it yourself, that is, do not make the decision to buy the part without first verifying that you need it since, as we have mentioned before, it may be that although everything indicates that you are right, the solution is to buy a new charger or make an adjustment to some part of your computer.

Don’t worry about the error that your PC may be presenting because at Surface Labs we are going to help you solve it.

Replace your Surface laptop battery right now

Should I do a Surface laptop battery change? It’s really necessary?

We always care about providing a complete Surface technical service. That includes reducing the distress our customers may have. For this reason, if you are wondering if you have to change the Surface battery, it is because, surely, you are aware that this piece is presenting errors and does not allow you to work with your computer with peace of mind.

In this case, it is clear that, before making a purchase of said part, you have to take your PC to a specialized Surface repair center in Madrid or in another area of ​​Spain. Only in this place will you be able to verify that the purchase you are about to make is the right one.

But it’s not just about that. To perform a Surface battery change you don’t have to directly face a problem with the load of the equipment. You can also require this process if a technical specialist suggests it. For what reason would you do it? You may have noticed some conflict in this element that, sooner or later, will prevent you from continuing to work with your Surface normally.

We mean, of course, that you have to do constant maintenance on your device

to prevent errors in the moments when you need it most. If you don’t usually do this practice, start now. It is more than important.

The reason this is necessary is that any device you have in your possession does not remain in perfect condition for a lifetime. At least it’s not something that happens normally. In the specific case of batteries, they have a useful life and you will realize it when it starts to stop charging as well as at the beginning (for example)

Although there are some users who send this part to be repaired and it is functional for a while longer, this may not be the best option in your case. Another solution that they have found is to work with the device plugged in practically during all the hours that they are working with it. Yes, it works, but ask yourself what would it do for you. It is practically like having a desktop computer and you would not be able to use it without the charger present (not exactly the idea that was had when creating a laptop)

Whatever the conflict you present with the battery, or if it is necessary to make a Surface battery change, you count on us.

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