Microsoft Surface Technical Service, repair

Kelatos and Surface the best team! If you are looking for complete advice, technical service and original spare parts we have it for you.
We know each of your needs, so we are the perfect solution to your problem. Microsoft Surface equipment has high-end technology, so it is best to leave them in professional hands. We will help you keep your computer in optimal conditions, increasing its life and performance.
At Kelatos we constantly train ourselves to keep up with the new techniques and tools that go on the market, to offer you the best and most complete technical service for Microsoft Surface of all Madrid and at incredible prices.
What are the benefits of hiring us?
Novel equipment and highly trained personnel, with more than 10 years of proven track record, we attend in order of arrival, so you should not wait for an appointment.
We have Express Service, to solve even the most complex cases in a short time.
We offer multiple services and original spare parts in one place.
Unique in the market with 1 year warranty.
The first diagnosis and review is completely free.
Central Location, find us in the Chamberí Neighborhood, Joaquín María López Street, 26, 28015 Madrid, very close to the Islas Philippines subway station.

We work with all models of Surface: Surface Pro (2,3,4,5), Surface 2 and 3, Surface RT, Surface Book mod. 1703 and Surface Book 2.
We put at your disposal the most complete stock of spare parts and original accessories in our store, so you will find everything you need in one place for your convenience.
We are experts in the Operating Systems commonly used in these devices such as: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 S, Windows 10 Pro, among others.
In our facilities you will have a Premium Service dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Surface units, with quality, safety and guaranteed prices. We remind you that our first is a free review, without implying any type of commitment.

Data recovery:
Our highly trained professionals will help you get all the information from your computer’s disk drive, either due to logical damage or physical damage to the drive. Whatever the case, we guarantee that we are the ideal option to recover all your files 100% and in the shortest possible time.
Surface Screen Change:
 When there is a broken screen case, Microsoft automatically voids the warranty, as it is a fault due to external causes. We know that being portable computers are more susceptible to accidental drops, so we have many customers with this same situation, but calm, you have the solution at your fingertips, you just have to contact us and we will solve the problem of your screen in instants
Surface Battery Replacement:
The battery is the life of a computer, that’s why its good performance is so important, in Kelatos you will find a technical service that will help you evaluate the usefulness of your battery. Our initial diagnosis is completely free. If your equipment subsequently requires replacement and installation of a new battery, we will indicate all expenses for spare parts and specialized labor.
Unlock Microsoft Surface:
This is one of the main problems of our customers and unfortunately we must tell you that, it is not something that can be solved at home, we know very well how to do it, we unlock your equipment so that you can access instantly and with all its functionalities underway.
Just contact us, our numbers will be available to you, dialing 914 468 503, we will gladly assist you.
Windows installation:
The operating systems vary according to each Surface model, they are adapted to the particular functionalities of each unit. We are characterized by performing the repair, replacement and installation service of the most appropriate Windows for your computer, we have an urgent installation service, to satisfy our most demanding clients.
Problems with your Wifi?
Come to us, our professionals (Engineers, technicians and specialists) will always be available to provide a complete diagnosis and advice, where we will indicate what is the problem of your unit and all the repair methods that we can apply, to solve any type of failure Instantly.

Do you feel that your unit is slow or working wrongly?
We may be facing a malware virus, no computer is safe from these malicious viruses, which can cause serious damage to the unit. Our team performs an effective technical intervention, to thoroughly clean your unit and ensure the elimination of any unpleasant visitors.
Malware viruses have different names, but each one represents a serious threat to your computer:
 Adware / PUPs: They are the most common type of virus, they allow access to unwanted advertisements.
Trojans: They are the most dangerous, with them you could lose important private information.
Botnets and Rogues: Smaller viruses, but they also damage the correct functioning of your unit.
Ransomware / Crypto-Ransomware: This virus class is associated with electronic fraud and extortion, so you have to be extremely careful.
As you will see it is very important to keep your unit and information safe from these dangerous viruses, which can put the security of your information in danger, do not take unnecessary risks and go to our store, we will gladly analyze your equipment to ensure your data and your peace of mind .
A service that you will not find easily is the expansion of hard disk, for this we have specialized, bringing the most innovative and efficient techniques, all this will be much cheaper and more productive than it seems, we invite you to check it out for yourself.
The statistics and opinions of hundreds of clients clearly confirm our level of commitment, service and trust, which is why we have remained as pioneers in this competitive field, reaching the best numbers of successful cases throughout the Spanish territory.