Repair of Surface hinges in Madrid

Microsoft Surface broken or crashed? Don’t worry, we can repair it. Do you want to check it?

Looking for where to repair Surface hinges? We can help you!

One of the problems that we solve in our technical service laboratory is exactly this.

Yes, it can happen. The hinges on Microsoft Surface PCs are just as delicate as the rest of the PC itself. But you don’t have to worry if at some point they require an overhaul and repair. We take care of it today.

A bad hinge can put your Microsoft Surface at risk

It is not usually a piece that brand users worry too much about. «Come on, you can barely tell that it’s broken,» you might think. And yes, it is possible that it is not an element without which it is impossible to work. But the consequences of not taking action to fix it in time can lead to worse problems, more expensive and more complicated to solve.

Repairing Surface hinges is part of one of the easiest technical services to perform when they are done on the spot. If you wait to resolve this issue, other problems may arise from this lack of protection on your computer. Not for nothing is part of it.

We are aware of this and it is the reason why we put our professionals at your service so that they can help you to have your tablet in your hands, with a hinge that is 100% in good condition and as quickly as possible.

Why invest in fixing a broken hinge?

Yes, it is totally worth it if this is the problem that plagues your PC. Otherwise, you would have to buy a new team and it would not be very flattering, especially when it is not in your plans.

Come on, the answer is simple: if it was in your plans to buy a new computer (because the one you own has been in use for many years, you want to sell it or any other reason), then surely this type of Surface repair will not interest you. altogether. However, if your device is still functional or has not been purchased for long, obviously the most feasible thing is that you choose to take a Surface technical service that will help you with the hinge repair of the equipment.

In case you didn’t know, a PC hinge can not only be damaged by a fall. The constant use that you give to the equipment can also be the source of the problem. However, it is not something that you will be able to avoid. That’s what you have the computer for, to use it.

But still, if this piece of Surface isn’t in perfect condition, working with the team won’t be easy. We do not recommend that you leave this repair until the end or when you notice that you really cannot use the device well. Do it as soon as possible so you don’t have to repair it just when you need it most.

In addition to this, you may run into another conflict: getting the original Surface hinge for the model you own. It is not as simple as it seems, starting from the fact that not all stores specialized in Surface technical service in Madrid or Spain can easily get it. And, despite this or how expensive this may be, being precisely something that must be sought with great care, it is still worth making the aforementioned investment.

Surely (if you have this problem) you are wondering how to solve it or where they can help you place a new Surface hinge in Madrid or Spain. You no longer have to keep searching because in Surface Labs you found the answer. Rest assured that our technical support team will find the right part for your device and install it as soon as possible.

How to prevent the hinges of your equipment from being damaged?

We all have accidents at some point in our lives. Undoubtedly, the fall of electronic equipment can be one of them and the result will be that some of its parts are affected. In most cases, this part is usually, if it is a laptop or tablet, the screen or the hinge. Being very careful with these devices is essential so that you do not have to take them to a laptop repair service in Madrid or Spain.

But we go. We can’t always prevent that from happening, but it is possible that we have a better management of our equipment, as far as possible. To do this, we bring you other tips that can help you.

  • Remember what we mentioned about how hinges can wear out over time? Well, one way to prevent your computer’s hinges from being damaged is to open the PC with both hands. Opening it with one hand (as many people do) forces the opposite side to lift.
  • Has it happened to you that, for one reason or another, you lift your computer from the top? Mistake! The rear is always heavier, so it can lead to gearing issues, over time
  • Do not open the screen to about 90 degrees. Yes, it seems unimportant, but this is one of the reasons why the hinges can be damaged or broken.

If even trying to make sure that this is not a problem for your Surface, you cannot avoid it, we recommend that you attend with a technical service team such as Surface Labs so that they can help you with the corresponding computer repair in Madrid or Spain.


In the event that you do not have enough time to take your Surface to our store, we can go to your home or workplace to carry out the corresponding hinge repair. Don’t worry!


Whatever the problem that has arisen with your hinge, is it broken, misaligned, or hit, we can solve it. It is enough to make the corresponding review to give you the help you need right now. 


But safe. In this sense, we have Surface technical service professionals who work with all the expertise possible to deliver your equipment quickly, but without affecting the final result of the repair.


Our Surface Microsoft technical service, which includes the repair of hinges of the brand, includes a guarantee. But the parts we use in our customers’ equipment too.


That we have a hinge for the specific model of a Surface to make the corresponding changes may be a concern for some people. But there is not nothing to worry. We have hinges for all Surface models on the market today.

A Surface like new

Even in a detail that seems as minimal and imperceptible as the hinge of the equipment.


We know that urgency generates anguish. To minimize this, we’ll contact you as we go through the process of repairing your Microsoft Surface hinge.


We review the equipment to verify that, in fact, the fault is in the hinge and thus be able to make an adjusted budget for it. However, we do not charge you for this diagnosis.


Our professionals know how to deal with these delicate tablets as if it were their own work tool. We are committed to this so that you have the full confidence that your device is in good hands.


Not only can you be sure that Microsoft Surface will remain safe at our location, but we also guarantee the delivery of the equipment in the agreed time of the hinge repair. Take it for granted!