Restoration of Surface in Madrid

Microsoft Surface broken or crashed? Don’t worry, we can repair it. Do you want to check it?

Is your Microsoft Surface losing its functionality? Maybe you need to restore it

Although some users have chosen to do it themselves

The recommendation is that this process be carried out by a specialized Surface technical service team.

Whatever the issue you need to reset your Surface for, we can help

Your habits as a technology user have changed a bit. Due to labor issues you have no longer been able to use your equipment as before. So much has been the time of disuse that today, when you need to use it, you cannot do it since you have forgotten the login password. What a great conflict! You wonder what you can do now.

Both for minor problems like this and for others that are a bit more complicated to solve, there is a possibility that they can be solved with the help of a complete restoration.

Although it is a configuration that is not so complicated to carry out, some users (due to mere ignorance) do not carry it out correctly, and may generate unwanted errors.

That is why what we always invite you to do is to take the equipment to specialists who have experience in performing Microsoft Surface reset.



Surface Labs helps you solve even the smallest problem

so you can work with your team again, as soon as possible. If what your Microsoft Surface requires is a restoration, we carry it out in less time than you could have imagined.


We take care of resolving all the conflicts that are generated with a Microsoft Surface. We study each situation well to confirm that, indeed, the solution is found in a system restore or not.


We understand that you may be a very busy person and, therefore, you do not have enough time to move from one place to another. That’s why we have home delivery service. Our technicians can perform the restoration quickly and safely, in the comfort of your home.


In the event that the delivery is not made the same day, for any reason, we will be contacting you to tell you how the restoration process is going and when you can look for your equipment or ask us to take it to where you need it. 

for you

Each of our clients have a guarantee on the different repairs we carry out. If something has not turned out as you expected, you just have to contact us and we will solve it.


Whenever you are going to perform any type of technical service on your Surface, it is important that you keep a backup of your important information and that you only have it on your PC. Likewise, we take very good care of this data so that you do not lose it at any time.

your surface

restored and ready to be used as if it were new, but without having to spend on one more.

You will know, like the rest of our customers, that you have made the best decision by leaving your device in our hands. We will know how to thank you.


Our work team is also yours. Together, we want to be able to get you to take your Surface home, without any problems that don’t let it work well.


To tell you if the problem can really be solved with a Microsoft Surface restore or not, we carry out a primary review for which you will not have to pay anything.


Is it that you can no longer access your Microsoft Surface because you do not remember the access password? Do you need to remove some data that is interfering with the normal use of your computer? Don’t worry. If the solution is to reset, we will safely do it for you.


We work hard to complete our delivery of the equipment, even in less time than the 100% guaranteed delivery had been estimated.