We bought Microsoft Surface broken damaged in Madrid models Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 with broken screens

Technology advances at every moment and in the blink of an eye we find several new products, with characteristics that we wish we had; however, upgrading our electronic equipment is not like buying any candy. It is worth mentioning that the prices of buying a Surface laptop range between 1800 Euros, this data reveals that it is a significant investment of money and many times you do not have the possibility of spending so much money, especially if we already have another computer. which works correctly.

It is worth mentioning that Surface has created products of excellent quality, incredible functionalities, in addition to having one of the best technologies that benefits your health. «retina technology» that has been used to manufacture the screen of these computers, which do not allow your eyes to be affected even when you spend a lot of time sitting behind your computer screen.

The lifespan of a Surface computer is longer than that of other computers; In addition to being functional, it will last you much longer, around 6 years. Can you imagine spending 6 years with the same team? Undoubtedly not, since you are surely a consumer thirsty for new technology and for always having the best. For this reason, you surely feel at a crossroads, you want to have the best equipment, updated (so you have to invest money) but at the same time you are sad to leave your old Surface and lose money, what to do? in Surface Labs we have the solutionWe buy your Surface Now!