At Surface Labs, you can trust to find the best service to get your Surface 2 equipment back on track, the most accessible version from Microsoft.

You have a6-month warrantyor we will refund your money.
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In the same way, many companies that offer technical support for equipment, be it computers or laptops, do not have experience working with the latest Microsoft equipment, Surface Labs is the exception.

Similarly, we have specialized technical training in microsoft surface equipment, making us the most suitable to provide technical service for surface 2 equipment. Little by little, we have shown our skills through flattering technical repairs. In Madrid they recognize our technical quality.

Has doubts? Requesting the technical service of surface 2 equipment is what you should do. Remember, we are quality and professionalism.


All equipment needs technical attention to extend its useful life. The surface 2 team is the same, despite being a hybrid between a tablet. Being a piece of equipment with a certain level of innovation, it needs more care than the rest of the equipment, above all, from technical personnel with previous experience carrying out repairs on surface equipment.

Preventive maintenance will help the equipment keep its functionality intact. In this way, the optimal operation of the equipment is guaranteed. The surface 2 equipment technical service will help maintain the functionality of the system and the equipment. Upon observing any change in your surface 2 equipment, we recommend providing prompt technical support.

Any change in your equipment, no matter how subtle it may seem, may be reason enough to request technical service.

The important thing, in addition to providing you with a high-quality technical service, is knowing how to read all the changes that are generated in your equipment. From a slight failure in the screen to loss of speed in your surface equipment, it is reason enough to request our surface 2 technical service.


The best thing you can do to maintain the functionality of your surface 2 computer is to provide your computer with a preventative maintenance plan. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we at Surface Labs will help you. The priority at Surface Labs is to maintain the functionality of your microsoft surface 2 equipment. Therefore, through constant technical service, it will help keep your equipment active.



At Surface Labs, we don’t just provide customer support, we also teach you basic skills and behaviors to maintain your PC from the comfort of your own home.

How to achieve it? Through active and passive maintenance.

At Surface Labs, we can provide you with active maintenance to improve the functionality of your surface 2 PC. What will we provide you through active maintenance? We will provide you with the following:

  • Periodic cleaning of the system.
  • Component lubrication.
  • Reformatting of hard drives.
  • Connector repair.

Passive maintenance is easy to do for any customer who really cares about the life of their microsoft surface 2 equipment.

What can you do to successfully perform passive maintenance? You can do the following:

  • Keep the surface 2 equipment in a suitable temperature
  • Keep it in a clean environment

Do you want to provide adequate technical maintenance to your surface equipment? It is time to request the technical service of surface 2 equipment. Through this service you will keep all aspects of your surface equipment in excellent condition. Software, hardware and other equipment components.


The company Surface Labs offers the possibility to all our clients to obtain original and 100% new components and spare parts. The best? You will find it directly in our facilities. We make changes to spare parts and components instantly, as long as your surface 2 equipment requires it.

We carry out accurate diagnoses to certify if your equipment needs to change any component. Why do we check it? Many times, clients come in who have gone through unnecessary changes due to misdiagnosis. At Surface Labs, we’ll avoid those basic mistakes.


The name Surface Labs is directly linked to the professionalism and quality of our repairs. In addition, the professional level of our internal staff. From our administrative staff to the technician, they are characterized by their verifiable professionalism and great technical skills.

The results obtained in our repairs, is a direct proof of the level of the personnel that constitute us as a company. Through the technical service of surface 2 equipment, you can observe the teamwork of computer engineers, technology specialists and highly trained technical personnel.

The agility of their teamwork demonstrates their leadership and technical skills when performing surface equipment repairs. Your equipment will be in professional hands when requesting technical service. Do not hesitate any longer, in Surface Labs you will find the service you have been looking for so long.


Requesting the technical service of surface 2 equipment is very easy, you just have to perform the following steps:

Being part of our clients is very easy. 

Just call us or go to our facilities and request the best surface 2 equipment technical service in Madrid.  We look forward to it.