It is necessary to have experience in technical service of surface equipment. These equipments are characterized by their thinness and light weight, therefore, the technical service they require must be careful.

You have a6-month warrantyor we will refund your money.
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You must resort to technical personnel with verifiable experience. Remember, your equipment can be at risk in the wrong hands.

The company Surface Labs, located in Madrid, is one of the few companies recognized for its experience in carrying out repairs and providing technical serviceto all models of surface equipment.

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We have innovative skills for an innovative team, in addition to demonstrating our professionalism through the results obtained. In the same way, we offer the client the possibility of providing his team with a professional quality technical service in our facilities.

These are just some of the services we will provide to your surface equipment. Surface Labs is the technical service company to go to.

Also, we provide a widevariety of technical services. Among the services you will find:

  • Microsft Srurface screen repairs + model
  • battery changes
  • Power Button Repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery


The need to receivetechnical service on a recurring basis is a way to avoid technical inconveniences that impair the functionality of the surface 3 equipment. The useful life of the equipment will depend, more than anything, on the care received by the customer.

Surface Labs

At the moment of observing any technical error in your equipment, from loose hinges to problems with the charging connector, you should go to a quality technical service.

The company Surface Labs has been providing quality technical service throughout Madrid for years. Through the technical skills of our staff of engineers and technical graduates. Resorting to surface 3 technical service is the right option when repairing technical problemswith your equipment and avoiding more complex damage. In addition to keeping the surface 3 equipment under constant care, extending its useful life.

Remember, you need aservice technician with proven experience. Surface Labs is the one, we have a record that shows the number of repairs carried out successfully. For us, our customers are the best publicity, they are the proof of the quality of the replacement parts carried out, as well as the technical repairs with a one-year guarantee.

What are you waiting for to request the surface 3 technical service with us? Maintain your processor performance and screen resolution through our service. Request the service that Surface Labs offers you. Remember, quality, professionalism and affordable prices is what you will find in us.


Unlike other companies that provide specialized technical service, Surface Labs has completely original and 100% new components, parts and spare parts at its disposal. With us, we will yield the repair time avoiding waiting for the arrival of the components that your equipment needs.

We have a wide variety of parts in stock, available at the time of being required. The best? Our technical staff will be in charge of choosing the surface 3 componentto replace. The technical service will provide you with many benefits, among them you will find the constant guidance by our specialized technical staff. In case of manufacturing faults in the spare parts or components, we will change the part. We do not refund cash.

Surface Labs

As in any technical service, the client will be able to enjoy a series of benefits that the company Surface Labs offers to the client as a fundamental part of the service.

Among the benefits to which you can have access when requesting the surface 3 technical service, are:


Companies need a process to organize requests for services. Many of these processes are often so complicated that customers prefer to avoid the request. In the case of Surface Labs, our application process is easy for the customer to follow, as well as keeping the customer engaged with their team’s needs.


It is essential that the client has all the details that involvethe technical failures observed in their surface 3 equipment, but first of all, it is necessary that they make the first contact. At Surface Labs, we provide our number and address on the website so that the customer makes the first contact, providing the details of their surface 3 equipment.


Next, we will be waiting for you at the Surface Labs facilities with yourMicrosoft Surface 3 team. The equipment will be analyzed and evaluated in search of other technical problems that change the initial diagnosis. As a result of the diagnosis, the quote for the technical service will be provided. The technical staff will evaluate, together with the client, the most feasible options to achieve the recovery of their equipment, as long as it stays within the budget with which the client feels comfortable.


Later, after the customer approves the quote, the repair process will start. Throughout the process, open communication between the customer and surface 3 repair technicians is encouraged. Don’t wait any longer! It’s time to request surface 3 technical support.


The moment you request our technical services for surface 3 equipment, you demonstrate confidence in our quality. Quality and professionalism is what you will get with Surface Labs, in addition to the first class customer service that characterizes us throughout Madrid. 

We’ll be waiting for you at Surface Labs! We are here to serve all our clients.