Without a doubt, the most powerful laptop that Microsofthas developed needs Surface Book technical service to maintain its functionality. Also, its potential. In this way, the useful life of the equipment is extended and the possibility of enjoying the power provided by the new microsoft equipment.

You have a6-month warrantyor we will refund your money.
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In Surface Labs, we will have the necessary tools, personnel and skills for the best surface book technical service in Madrid. Most customers mistakenly think that by having a team made up of high-capacity processors and hardware, you don’t need technical service. It’s a big mistake! In the same way as the rest of the equipment, constant care, followed by technical reviews and analysis, will influence maintaining the quality of a good equipment.

The company Surface Labs knows this, which is why they provide specialized technical service for microsoft surface book equipment. We make changes to spare parts and components for your microsoft equipment, we recover the data that your equipment has lost, no matter the circumstances, we repair your windows and diagnose on time.

We are made up of affordable prices, trained staff and years of experience. How not to choose us? The client is a fundamental part of the maintenance of the equipment. Providing adequate care at home will help maintain its functionality. If you want more complex care, you should come to us.

Maintenance for your equipment before requesting Surface Labs service

It is always necessary to provide theMicrosoft with professional-quality support, but the customer must understand the importance of care. Our technical staff will provide you with a guide of suggestions to achieve adequate care in the comfort of your home. Suggested precautions include:


Choosing the right technical service is essential for the well-being of your microsoft surface book equipment. It is necessary that the client is in charge of investigating the technical service that he wishes to request.

Surface Labs

Remember, your equipment will be provided for several days to the technical service staff. Take your time to investigate and get to know the service directly. The company Surface Labs, provides the facility to future customers, to know the facilities and administrative and technical staff of the company. The main thing is that the client feels the peace of mind that we provide with our professionalism.

Request the record of repairs carried out successfully. In this way, you will know the skills in which you excel. At Surface Labs we stand out in:

  • Screen repairs Microsoft Surface + model
  • battery changes
  • Power button repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery

We have extensive experience restoring the functionality of your microsoft surface book equipment. With us you can make screen, battery or motherboard changes. We also repair hinges, charging connectors, keyboards and much more.


The quality of our work is recognized throughout Madrid. We have years in the technology market providing technical service to high quality equipment and computers. We are characterized by the professionalism of our staff. Among the technical staff that constitutes the company Surface Labs, you will find:

  • computer engineers
  • specialized engineers
  • computer technicians
  • Trained technical staff

In addition to having administrative staff with knowledge and experience in human resources. Therefore, we have the tools to provide you with high-quality service and care.


We are innovating our services. That is why we bring to our clients, the new technical service at home. We created this new service, thinking about the facilities and comforts that we can provide to the client. If you cannot go to our facilities with your equipment, you can request the technical service at home.

100% FREE DIAGNOSIS AT Surface Labs

We stand out in the attention given to all our clients and in the benefits that we contribute in technical service to your surface equipment. Do you not know the technical problem of your equipment? Request diagnostic service. You must provide your surface equipment to technical personnel specialized in diagnostic surface book. will be subjected to evaluation for its corresponding diagnosis. All our diagnoses are correct. Therefore, we have optimal results in our repairs.

 Are you afraid of the cost of the requested technical service? Fear not. At Surface Labs we work with fair and accessible prices. We work with updated market prices. Request your free quote and find out the cost of your service. All repairs and component changes we carry out are covered by a 1-year warranty. Do not be afraid to request the service. The change you hope to see in your PC is possible through Surface Labs. Call us and discover the true quality.

Don’t you know the damage of your surface book equipment?

Don’t worry. At the time of requesting the surface book technical service, we will carry out a preliminary evaluation to verify the damage caused by the failures in your equipment. With us, you will find diagnoses, quotes and staff of quality and professionalism.