Data loss is a constant inconvenience in computer equipment. In this case, the microsoft surface pro 3 computer is no exception. To the luck of our clients, the Surface Labs company has experience in recovering Microsoft Surface data.

In this way, we will be able to recover all the lost files on your innovative equipment. From your work files to your family photos. How? Through our computer skills and technical service.

microsoft surface data recovery


Surface Labs is the data recovery company specialized in Microsoft Surface with the fast and optimal results.

Additionally, our mission is to help yourecover your vital business documents, personal photos, and alternate files effectively and quickly.

Similarly, if your surface equipmentis faulty. We offer fast data recovery services in Madrid.

Our data recovery methods are recognized throughout Madrid. Years of experience have allowed us to improve our techniques, to the point of being the best in the area.

Our Microsoft Surface PC data recovery labs are the most equipped with the latest data recovery technology and top-notch tools.

In addition, we have a team of specialized engineers who characterize us asthe best team in Microsoft Surface data recovery.

The professionalism of our technical staff allows us to obtain quality results and professionalism in each data recovery.

We are an expert company in data recovery from microsoft surface equipment. Therefore, we have the necessary capacity to deal with technical problems and datarecovery from Microsoft Surface equipment.


Electronic data has great value, both for individuals and for small, medium or large companies.

In the same way, the importance of preserving valuable information is essential in the Kelatos company, which is why we encourage customers to take the necessary measures before data loss occurs.

How can you do it?Keep external copies of your electronic files on USB devices.

Remember, you won’t be the first or the last person to lose data, but a backup is always welcome.

In case you lose your data, remember to contact us at Surfa Labscompanies. Our microsoft surface data recovery service is optimal, with us recovering your files will be easy to do thanks to our skills.

Requesting our services is very easy. Contact us and discover the best Microsoft Surface data recovery service in Madrid.


Microsoft surface equipment has certain technical problems that are difficult to repair by basic technical services.

At Surface Labs, we are proud to be one of the few companies specialized intechnical service for microsoft surface equipment.

In addition to having experience performingMicrosoft Surface data recovery, we also provide a variety of services for these specific devices.

Among the most common repairs are:

  • battery changes
  • Power Button Repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair

Our technical capabilities are available to all our customers. With us, your Microsoft Surface team will be in the best hands. Professionals trained in the technical area.

data recovery


Themicrosoft surface pro 3 team is characterized by its innovation, ultra-slim touch screen with high resolution and optimal functions.

Despite everything, the innovation and acceptance obtained by the target audience, the equipment has certain flaws, very common in the technology market.

Previously we talked about theMicrosoft Surface data recovery service that we provide in Madrid, not to mention the wide variety of technical servicesthat we also provide.

Together withthe services for the recovery of the functionality of the surface equipment, we also provide very specific benefits for the client.

Among the benefits at your disposal you will find:


For years we have remained in the technology market thanks to the results of our work.

We have a staff trained in human resources that guide the daily activities of our technical and administrative staff. Therefore, our work process is always professional and safe.

Throughoutthe Microsoft Surface data recovery process, we encourage staff and customers to maintain clear communications to avoid inconvenience. In addition, our priority is that the data recovery service processis easy for the client to understand.

Our quality of service and attention to provide is a priority. No matter the level of difficulty in thetechnical data recovery workto be carried out on your surface equipment, we will work with the same level of professionalism.

Do you want top quality service and care? We are the right choice. Accessibility, fair prices and professionalism in a single service. At Surface Labs we will be waiting for you.


Ethics is part of all the professionals that make up the Kelatos staff.

From our administrative staff to technical staff, they are trained to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding Microsoft Surface data recovery jobs.

We have the security that your equipment requires and specialized personnel to keep the entire repairprocess safe.

With us you can count on the security you have been looking for. Above all, in relation to Microsoft Surface data recovery.


In order to maintain the level of quality in each of the repairs carried out by our staff, we keep our professionals in their respective work areas.

Therefore we maintain the knowledge and skills in their respective areas.

We are proud of the level of professionalism for which the Surface Labs company is constituted.

We havecomputer engineers, specialized engineers and trained technical personnelfor the respective services proportional to the microsoft surface equipment.

At Surface Labs you will find the specialty you need around microsoft surface equipment, we have more skills than the rest of the technical services you will find in Madrid.


All repairs carried out at Kelatos will have a one-year guarantee. As long as it is carried out by our professionals in our facilities.

We also make changes to spare parts, only in case of having manufacturing defects.

We must clarify that we do not make cash refunds, only replacement parts.


Applying for microsoft surface data recovery service is really easy.

First of all, it is advisable to go with your equipment to our facilities so that it is properly evaluated by our technical staff.

When you provide your Microsoft Surface equipment to our specialized staff, an exhaustive evaluation will be carried out, not only to analyze the best method to recover lost files, but also to discover other types of technical problems and repair them as soon as possible.

Through the process of evaluating your equipment, you will be provided with an accurate diagnosis that will help with the repair process to be carried out.

Based on the diagnosis, a fair quote will be provided for the repair process. The quote will be shaped depending on the needs of the client and thesurface team.

As the process of recovering data from your microsoft surface computer begins, there will be constant communication with the customer. In this way, any questions regarding the process of recovering lost files will be answered.

The technical staff will answer all your questions and keep you informed of theentire data recovery processor other repairs that your surface equipment needs.

If other technical problems arise during the repair of your surface equipment, our administrative staff will inform the customer instantly.

Remember, Surface Labs will provide you with the best data recovery service and customer service in all of Madrid. Request the service as soon as possible.

microsoft surface data recovery


The delivery date of themicrosoft surface pro 3 equipment will depend on the complexity of the data recovery to be performed and other technical services that need to be repaired.

Generally, the delivery date will be assigned by the specialized technical staff, although the date can also be chosen together with the client.

In case of not being able to meet the agreed delivery date, the administrative staff together with the technical staff, will be in charge of communicating in advance with the client and explaining the situation.


You need the best data recovery service for your microsoft surface pro 3 computer. The results that Kelatos will give you are optimal and of high quality, which can only be achieved with our professionals.

Data recoverywill be effective under our guidance. Your team will have the best professionals who will take care of your repair, while you will enjoy the best customer service in Madrid.

Why do you doubt it? Microsoft surface data recovery service is what you need. Also, request our service and become part of the great Surface Labsfamily.