Data recovery is an essential service for all computer equipment. At Kelatos, we work with the surface pro 4 data recovery service. In addition, we provide a wide variety of technical services to maintain the functionality of your equipment.

Don’t know the correct method to recover your data? Don’t worry, our technical staff will guide you through the data recovery process.

surface pro 4 data recovery service


Loss of valuable data is the most common inconvenience surface pro 4 owners have to deal with.

Due to the touch screen and ultra-slim design, it is very common to mistakenly delete all data from this innovative device. In addition to technical inconveniences that cause the elimination of data.

Luckily for the client, the Kelatos company has been working in the technical service market for years. In addition to being one of the few companies that have experience in surface equipment technical service.

We have proven experience achieving surface pro 4 data recovery. Through the skills the recovery of your electronic files will be safe.

How will we do it? Our technical staff is constantly trained in the latest in electronic file recovery. That is why the results of our surface pro 4 data recovery service are optimal.

Our clients are the best example of the quality of our recovery service. It is feasible, accessible and we do it in a very short time.

In the same way, we keep our services at your disposal. We do not work with prior appointment policies. Do you need the service? Come to us. Our surface pro 4 data recovery service is what your team needs.


Many customers are unaware of the reason why their surface equipment deletes their data. From files to family photos can be lost, but also recovered, especially if it is in the hands of our Kelatos technical staff.

Data loss can be a signal from your computer to indicate complex technical problems. When requesting our surface pro 4 data recovery service, we will provide you with a preliminary evaluation in search of other inconveniences.

Among the causes of data loss you can find:


The moment your surface pro 4 computer is formatted, all data on your hard drive is deleted and the operating system is installed from scratch. But don’t worry, at Kelatos we have the necessary skills to recover the data.

Don’t be afraid to notice that your computer is inadvertently formatted. All you have to do is take your equipment to our facilities, where it will be evaluated and diagnosed by qualified professionals.

Apply for surface pro 4 data recovery service.


We have all experienced that moment when the computer deletes all the data because of some malicious virus.

The damage may be software damage, but a thorough assessment is recommended.

At Kelatos, we will carry out the necessary evaluations on your computer until we recover the data and completely eliminate the virus from your software.

In this kind of situation, it is best to request the data recovery service of the Kelatos company. We will take care that the recovery of your electronic files is effective.


On some occasions, a software malfunction culminates in the corruption  of the microsoft surface file system.

This causes the data stored on your computer, regardless of its level of importance, to be inaccessible to the client.

We will study the software malfunction and repair it effectively. All of our repairs come with a full year warranty.

The optimal results of our surface pro 4 data recovery service is due in part to the level of professionalism that characterizes our specialized staff.

What should you do? You only have to request the service and live the best data recovery experience in all of Madrid.

surface pro 4 data recovery service


Although you may need to apply for data recovery service first, your equipment may require a variety of other technical services to maintain its functionality and extend its lifespan.

The microsoft surface pro 4 team presents a series of failures. From problems with the charging connector to hardware defects.

At Kelatos we facilitate the necessary repairs to recover the functionality of your equipment. Here are some of the repairs we do:

  • Screen repairs Microsoft Surface + model
  • battery changes
  • Power Button Repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery

All the repairs we carry out are carried out by trained personnel for the technical management of your surface pro 4 equipment. In case your equipment needs another type of technical service, we will do it.

Request Kelatos service and your team will get the evaluation and diagnosis you need. It is easy to request, our prices are affordable and the results are the best you can find in all of Madrid.


If you have noticed recurring losses of your electronic data, you need our data recovery service.

The loss of data in the signal that your surface 4 equipment is presenting problems of unknown complexity. Therefore, you will need technical personnel prepared to carry out the corresponding analyses.

Data loss can be subtle. Firstly, it loses the image and video files, then the highest priority files will be deleted.

The moment you are able to observe data loss on your computer, turn to us. Your inconvenience with data loss can trigger more complex problems and leave your team at greater risk.

You should not worry about the confidentiality of the files to be recovered, why? All the files to be recovered will have a level of security by our staff. In addition, we work in an ethical and professional manner.

If you want to create copies of your files in a specific or different format to protect your security, you only have to request it. Our priority is your peace of mind.


We have stood out in the market since our inception for the quality of care we provide to our customers.

The priority of the Surface Labs company is to provide all our customers with the attention they deserve and the quality service they need.

As part of our customer service, we provide certain amenities to maintain the level of customer care.  Among the benefits you will find:


Your surface pro 4 equipment will be evaluated and diagnosed free of charge by highly trained personnel. The only thing the client must do is provide their equipment for the evaluation.

Despite requesting the surface pro 4 data recovery service, through the diagnosis we will verify in an accurate and safe way, if your equipment suffers from other technical problems that must be repaired.

The safety of your team and your peace of mind is the priority.


We work with flexible and fair budgets for our clients. Do you want to know the quote for the repair of your equipment? All you have to do is request it.

The administrative staff together with the technical staff will make the quote through the diagnosis of your equipment.

In case the quote is to your liking, it will start with the repair process of your surface pro 4 equipment.


The working hours are from Monday to Friday until 4 in the afternoon. If you wish to advance a little information about the faults presented in your equipment, you can call thenumber provided on the website.

Our exact address is the one provided together with the contact number. You can go to our facilities in complete safety. It does not matter if you do not have an appointment, it is not part of our policies.

Do you still have doubts? Don’t let doubts stop you from giving your team the personalized support they need. Call us.

surface pro 4 data recovery service


Being part of the Surface Labs family is to provide technical security to your surface pro 4 equipment.

You will get the best data recovery serviceavailable in Madrid.

It will have a highly experienced team with years of verifiable experience. We will handle your microsoft surface pro 4 equipment in a professional manner. in this way you will obtain the quality results that characterize us so much.

Contact us by phone or directly at our facilities. Our administrative and technical staff will be waiting for you.

Throughout the data recovery process, the technical and administrative staff will be in constant contact. In order to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Request the surface pro 4 data recovery service, and enjoy the professional quality that only trained personnel can provide.