Now is the time to successfully recover all the lost data on your Surface pro 5 PC. Loss of data is a constant inconvenience in computer equipment, but through the Surface pro 5 data recovery service, recovering your electronic files will be possible in hours.

Without a doubt, you must go with the best service in Madrid. About us? Kelatos, more than 12 years of experience, recognized throughout the area and technical market.

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surface pro 5 data recovery service


The Surface pro 5 hasn’t hit the market yet, but many customers are expecting big improvements in design, software, display, and battery.

Maybe, all the improvements will be made and the Surface pro 5 will become the best computer from Microsoft, but chances are that at some point, you will need to perform a data recovery on the Surface pro 5.

Whenever you need to recover files mistakenly deleted from your computer, you should instantly go to the Kelatos facility. The faster it provides you with the right service, the more feasible it will be to get your data back in no time.

Every year, many customers and companies suffer from large data losses. These losses occur due to human error, software failure or viruses on your computer.

In this aspect, the need to constantly provide your equipment with the technical servicethat helps to avoid these damages or at least be prepared for these technical inconveniences is remarkable.

Some customers think about the complexity of recovering data on a computer like the Surface pro 5. But, really, the level of complexity is very similar to that of everyday equipment, because the Surface pro 5 is a device that has the practicality of a Tablet but internally it has the power of a computer.


The excellent device design and software improvements already seen in the Surface pro 4 deviceare expected to continue.

We have to stress the excellent functionality of Microsoft surface machines, but you should also expect some glitches that have been seen in predecessor machines.

Among the possible faults that can be found in the new Microsoft surface pro 5 equipment, there may be:


The surface pro equipment has evolved satisfactorily compared to the first surface equipment that came onto the market. But since its origins, these teams have dragged from one model to another, serious flaws in the surface Pro battery.

It would be advisable to be prepared to observe these failures being repeated. At Kelatos, we carry out surface pro battery changes. We only work with original and new spare parts and components.

In addition, with these failures, it is common to lose electronic files constantly, because the equipment begins to suffer sudden blackouts or is suspended for a certain time, requiring the surface pro 5 data recovery service.

In one way or another, the Kelatos technical service is a necessary investment to combat possible technical failures that may occur in the surface pro 5 equipment. Remember, requesting our services, from technical to data recovery, is always an option.


For the surface pro 5 team, a thinner and better resolution screen is expected. The previous screens have surprised in design and thinness, but at the level of functionality they have always presented flaws.

Among the most observed failures in the previous equipment, are the resolution and quality problems.

The flickers that end the functionality of the Microsoft equipment were repeated with the surface pro 4 equipment, therefore it is inevitable not to expect the same failures.

This type of failure causes the client to not be able to observe the work he or she is doing reflected on the screen, thereby deleting data by mistake. In these cases it is inevitable to need a data recovery service.

At Kelatos, the surface pro 5 data recovery service will be at your disposal to recover all the electronic files you have lost. Fear not, we will recover your data.


Surface pro computers have had problems with Windows 8 and 10. The computer remains suspended or simply does not start for this reason.

Therefore, customers lose data and files of various complexity. Worst? In some cases, the customer does not realize the loss of these electronic files until much later.

At Kelatos, we have performed data recovery on a large number of computers, therefore we have a lot of experience in the area of ​​data recovery. Our surface pro 5 data recovery servicewill be available when the client requires it. We do not work  with prior appointments. We will assist you at the time you and your team require it.

surface pro 5 data recovery service

We provide the following technical services:

  • Microsoft Surface Screen Repairs
  • battery changes
  • Power button repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery

The variety of services that we provide through the surface pro 5 technical service, are variety, which has characterized us, since our inception, throughout Madrid.

We can boast of having repaired more than 1000 devices since 2009! Microsoft Surface screen replacements are our bread and butter, but we can help you with other issues too. Surface Labs  goal is quality service, using only the best quality parts, and with our affordable prices and competitive Madrid price guarantee; how can you be wrong? Looking for a repair for your Surface Pro 5?

We need the client to know that we not only perform surface pro 5 data recovery, we also have a wide range of experience performing technical services of a diverse variety.


Since our inception we have worked hard together with our specialized IT staff to provide an effective data recovery service.

We have been constantly training, studying and analyzing techniques and procedures so that the data recovery processis fast and feasible.

In order to achieve the best surface pro 5 technicaland data recovery service, we have made it our mission to only work with the best staff that can be found in Madrid. Therefore, in Kelatos, you will find professionals with extensive experience in the technical area.

Computer engineers, advanced technology engineers and trained technical personnelwill be at your disposal.

This is why we manage toprovide the best surface pro 5 technical repair and data recovery service. 


Unlike what is thought. The services of the Kelatos company are easy to request. You can make the request by phone or directly at the Kelatos offices.

During the application process, part of our administrative staff will guide you throughout the process, explaining our policies, work methods and offers of the month.

The only thing you have to do is:

  1. Initial contact
  2. Make your surface pro 5 computer easy
  3. Wait for diagnosis
  4. Review the service quote
  5. start the process of recovering your computer

The variety of our services characterizes us and demonstrates the level of professionalism that we can provide to the client.

Do not be afraid torequest Kelatos recovery service, you will obtain a professional level that you will not find anywhere else.


You need a professional servicelike the one we will provide you.

To obtain our services, you only have to go to our facilities and provide your surface pro 5 equipment. Why? We will perform an evaluation of your equipment, looking for other technical problems and a first-rate diagnosis.

Next, depending on the complexity of the service to be provided, our administrative staff will provide you with a fair price for our services.

Are you worried about not having the economic resources to obtain the service? Our staff will study your case and with your help they will look for a solution that is more in line with your needs and those of your team.

We will carry out the necessary repairs on your computer until full functionality is restored. Don’t worry, we have carried out thousands of repairs in more than 10 years in the market. All repairs have been optimal, which is why the client always recommends our services.

Why have advertising when the client is the best proof of our work? We are proud of the trust placed in kelatos and therefore in our administrative and technical staff.

Still thinking of ordering surface pro 5 data recovery service? Stop wasting your time and apply properly. We will be waiting for you.