The surface pro 6 team arrived on the market, as did the need to find a specialized technical service for this new microsoft team. SurfaceLabs, to cover this lack, provides surface pro 6 support.

Surface Pro 6 Spec Sheet

DISPLAY 12.3 inches PixelSense resolution 2,736 x 1,824, ratio 3:2, density of 267 dpi
SIZE292 x 201 x 8.5mm
WEIGHT 784 grams (without keyboard)
PROCESSORIntel Core i5-8250U
GRAPHICSIntel HD Graphics 620
CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1
CAMERAS Rear 8 Mpixels with autofocus,
front 5 Mpixels with autofocus and Windows Hello support
PORTS USB 3.0, Micro SD card reader, Mini DisplayPort, case / keyboard port, Surface Connect, headphone port
PRICE1,349 euros  (without keyboard or pencil)

Thesurface pro 6team has achieved a better representation of microsoft compared to the surface RT team. But, that does not mean that it is free of technical failures, these have been maintained. The charging problems remain, as does the damage to the motherboard, but the important thing is that each of thesetechnical problemsare repairable. At Surface Labs, we will successfully repair your surface pro 6 computer crashes.

The professionals that make up our trained staff will provide you with an accurate diagnosis and will carry out the repair that your surface pro 6 equipment needs. Requesting surface pro 6 technical service is a safe investment. You will be able to completely recover the quality and functionality of your surface pro 6 equipment. The best? Your decision will be covered by a one-year warranty.

Among the most requested you will find:

  • Screen repairs Microsoft Surface + model
  • battery changes
  • Power button repair
  • Change of Charging Connector
  • Motherboard Change
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery

We also carry out less complex technical services, but the most popular, if in doubt, is the data recovery service. If you’ve lost your electronic files, you know who to turn to. At Surface Labs, we will carry out the repair that your equipment needs in a professional manner, no matter the level of complexity of the damage to your surface pro 6 equipment, our staff will work with the same responsibility in each of the repairs. What are you waiting for to request technical support from Surface Labs? If you do not know our location, we invite you to visit our website, where we provide our exact address and contact number.


Is Microsoft Surface screen broken? Are you having other problems with it? Bring it to Surface Labsfor the cheapest Microsoft surface repair in Madrid. At Surface Labs, we do not work with prior appointment policies. In this way, we manage to provide the customer with the technical service they need when they need it. With us you will not waste time waiting for appointments to review yoursurface pro 6 equipment.

We work with free estimates and same day service in most cases, we are your best option. Our technicians demonstrate component-level expertise that differs from other services. Why? Because of their level of professionalism. The experience of our staff is verifiable.

We are focused on providing you with an accurate diagnosis and repairing existing components of your surface pro 6 equipment. We don’t want to send your device to a repair center for weeks or try to sell you a new Surface Pro 6. At Surface Labs, our priority is to repair existing devices.

We’re not just the oldest, we’re simply thebest choice for Microsoft Surface Pro   repair. We offer a fast and quality service that puts the customer first. Dealing with Microsoft can be inconvenient. We know you don’t have time to have your device away from you for weeks. Most manufacturers keep you waiting indefinitely and end up sending you a refurbished device. We have no interest in selling new products; we simply want to repair your existing one. Our 12+ years of industry experience is what separates us from the competition. From replacing your Surface Pro Touchscreen to soldering your motherboard, we can do it all.


At Surface Labs, we will provide you with the quality you have been looking for along with a wide variety of benefits that you can acquire through surface pro 6 customer service and technical service.Among the benefits recognized throughout Madrid of the Surface Labs company, will find:



Can’t move to our facilities? Don’t worry, the company Surface Labs facilitates this service with ease for the customer in mind. Our technical service staffwill send 2 people from our staff who will take care of the repair of your surface equipment. Our staff will come to your home and perform the repair right in front of you. In case of needing the service for a company, we will send more personnel depending on the amount of equipment.



As long as your team is not given an accurate diagnosis, your team could be at risk. At Surface Labs, we know. That is why we provide the best diagnoses in Madrid. The best? It’s completely free! Free diagnosis is part of customer service. The only thing you have to do to obtain the diagnosis is request it and provide the specialized diagnostic team with your surface pro 6 equipment.



We work from Monday to Friday during business hours. It is not necessary to have an appointment to request the surface pro 6 technical service. We carry out urgent repairs. You only have toprovide your surface pro 6 equipment so that it can be evaluated and the repair can be carried out in a limited time. Don’t be afraid to come with us. If you need the service during non-working hours, contact us by phone.



Has it happened to you that when requesting a team, the prices exceed your budget? When requesting the surface pro 6 technical service, you will observe the accessibility in terms of prices of our services. All our services are highly requested due to the quality and easy access in terms of costs.



Among the services we provide at Surface Labs, you will find changes to components or spare parts. We make changes to screens, surface pro 6 batteries, motherboard and much more original and new components.


The possibility of obtaining surface pro 6 technical service is within your reach. Requesting the service is very easy, you just have to perform the following steps:

In just 4 steps you will get thetechnical service you need. The company Surface Labs will carry out the repair and you will recover the functionality of your equipment in a short time.


You need to be part of a company with provable skills and results. Our staff of trained professionals will provide you with the best technical service in all of Madrid. The only thing you have to do to verify the quality of our services is to request the surface pro 6 technical service. The contact can be directly in our facilities or by telephone. Don’t know our address or contact number? Don’t worry, both are provided on our website.

In our facilities, you will meet our administrative staff, who will guide you throughout the technical repair process.

Also, you will meet the technical staff, they will answer all the questions you have about the surface pro 6 technical service.Don’t wait any longer! Request surface pro 6 service.