Our staff is in constant training to understand and learn the latest techniques in computer and technological repair. this is the way in which we have remained at the top of technical repairs for years in Madrid.

We will be able to recover the functionality of your equipment in a short period of time. Surface Labs has always been characterized by performing optimal repairs. For something we have a one-year warranty for each repair carried out by our technical staff.

We work in an organized manner, taking into account the level of complexity, time to invest and delivery dates. Our technical staff works together with the administrative staff. In this way, we manage to give the client the best of both worlds and provide complete care.

Do you need your Microsoft Surface Pro equipment delivered urgently? Request it from the technical staff, we carry out emergency repairs. How to achieve it? Through a technical evaluation of the equipment. We then study the complexity of the technical case and discuss it directly with the client. If we need more time, we will discuss it with the client, the main thing is to recover your equipment properly. Our service is available to everyone. We are the safest investment you can make for the well-being of your surface Pro equipment. In addition, we must emphasize that said investment will be backed by a one-year guarantee on all our repairs.


We’ll fix your Microsoft Surface Pro,  fast. What happens when the need arises to repair a Windows Surface touch screen or one of the myriad other problems with a computer system? Do you yell, cry, get irritated or just look for an expert to solve all your problems? Don’t let despair take control. Your equipment is recoverable, especially when you have a team of professionals specialized in technical repairs. 

Technology is a game “right now,” and when it comes to business and money, it can be costly when a system fails. That’s why we’re here, and it’s what we’re doing right now. no time to buy one new Surface Pro (not to mention that there are greener ways to solve the problem) and the time, energy and effort required to reload programs, save and move old files from your Surface  before the new one, not counting other new annoyances related to the system; they are simply not the best option.

Going with a technical service is the safest and most economical option for you. You will get your equipment back at an affordable price and therefore you will not repeat the cycle of customizing the equipment again. Microsofthas never denied the technical drawbacks that some of its surface computers have. Companies like us study, learn and analyze the current processes to achieve more satisfactory and consistent repairs depending on the model and type of equipment or computer to be repaired.

Surface Labs

You, as a customer, will be able to observe the technical skills of the technical staffat the time of the repair. We are good for the amount of annual repairs that we are able to carry out.

Our professional quality has been maintained over the years through constant training and the experience of our professionals.


Another consideration that is often forgotten is the familiarity that comes from using a trusty laptopthat has suddenly hit some sort of crisis. After months or even years of using that system, the customer becomes attached. You know what works well and what doesn’t, and even the keyboard feels familiar. Do you want to get acquainted with another computer again? There’s no need. Of course, the financial savings of repair versus purchase also require consideration. Our goal is simple and it works by bringing solutions and repairs   to users of Microsoft Surface tablets.

Providing answers for computer users is only half the equation, because repairing and correcting it correctly is only half the problem. In the world of technology and business, time is money. It always has been, and that’s why fixing your computer device quickly matters as much as fixing it correctly. We understand the importance of doing it right and doing it at this precise moment. We constantly receive calls with the same objective; getting your device up and running as soon as possible because you depend on it can be achieved by the surface pro team. Contact us in person, by phone or email to get your equipment up and running again.sotros en persona, por teléfono o correo electrónico para lograr que su equipo funcione nuevamente. Of course, the longer you wait to seek help, the longer it will take to get your Microsoft computer  working properly again. Every second that passes is another euro lost, a lost opportunity. Our professional and courteous Surface team is here to help, and yes, fast.


All computer equipment needs constanttechnical service. Customers often ignore this or simply avoid it for fear of the cost of technical support. With the passing of time, the teams have evolved and the same has happened with the technical service. Now, repairs that used to take months can be done in a few days. The company Surface Labs, has more than ten years of experience in the technical area, we have directly observed the changes that have been experienced in the surface technical service market. Therefore we can safely say that the current surface pro technical service is accessible and recommended.

The technical services of the company Surface Labs are easy to request and at highly affordable prices. So keeping your computer functional is easy. A monthly review is the difference between extending the useful life of your equipment or losing it completely.


As a company that provides surface Pro service for technology equipment, we have the skills to help with the repair of a wide variety of equipment. In addition to performing a wide variety of services.

Do you still doubt the quality that the Surface Labs company provides? The amount of benefits and variety of services are undeniable.

Request surface Pro technical support. Recovering the functionality of your equipment is always possible, especially when you have trained technical repair personnel on your side, as is the case with the company Surface Labs. Remember, our contact number and exact location is provided for you on our website.

The best thing is to go to our facilities to directly observe our working method, repair place and administrative and technical staff.

As a company, we want customers to have a smooth experience. So throughout your surface repair, we’ll keep you informed. Request surface Pro support from Surface Labs.