If what you were looking for was good technical support for your Surface RT 1516, you don’t need to look for it anymore. You’ve found the solution here at Surface Labs.

Technical characteristics of the Surface RT 1516 ☑️

DISPLAY10.6-inch, ClearType Full HD 1920 x 1080 display, 16:9
SIZE 274.6 × 173 × 13.5mm
WEIGHT907 grams
PROCESSORIntel Core i5 Haswell. Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400
RAM4/8 gigas
DISK64/128/256/512 GB according to price
VERSION S.O.Windows 8.1
CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0
CAMERAS Two 720p HD cameras, front and rear
PORTS USB 3.0, microSDXC card reader, Mini DisplayPort, case/keyboard port

The Surface RT 1516has managed to position itself as one of the preferred computers for users, but it is not exempt from being damaged at any time. Fortunately, all is not lost. 💎

You have the full support of the Surface Labs staff. We will help you find the origin of the error that your PC may be presenting and we will solve it quickly, but without leaving aside the professionalism that has characterized us for years.

The professionals who collaborate with us are trained to provide an accurate diagnosis for the repair of computers, in this case, the Surface RT 1516.

Requesting the technical service we offer is a safe investment. You will fully recover the quality andfunctionality of your PC. The best? The repair will be covered by a 6-month warranty.

All repairs carried out in our facilities will have a 6-month guarantee.

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The variety of services we provide is something that our clients constantly appreciate.

☑️ Among the most requested technical services of the Surface RT 1516 you will find:

  • Screen repairs Microsoft Surface + model
  • battery changes
  • power button repair
  • Change of charging connector
  • Change of motherboard
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 repair
  • Data recovery

We also perform less complex technical support, but the most popular, without a doubt,is data recovery. If you’ve lost your electronic files, you know where to turn.

At Surface Labs we will carry out the repair that your device needs, in a professional manner, regardless of the level of complexity of the damage it presents. Our staff will work non-stop until the machine is in perfect condition for delivery.

What are you waiting for to request technical support from Surface Labs? If you do not know our location, we invite you to visit our contact web page in which we provide our exact address and mobile number.

Is the screen on your Microsoft Surface RT 1516 broken? For this or any other case of technical error, take your PC to Surface Labs for the cheapest, yet effective, repair in all of Madrid. ☑️

The current policy of asking for appointments in advance to go to a local will not be an obstacle. You can go, when you need it, to our workshop in the heart of Madrid. With us you will not waste time waiting for appointments so that we can review your tool for work and leisure.

We provide free quotes and same-day support in most cases.

Our technicians demonstrate an experience at the level of knowledge of component work that differs from other technical services in the city in which the mechanism of these elements is not fully understood. The experience of our staff is verifiable.

We are known for making changes in a short time, but without this affecting the final result in any way. We know how important it is for you to have your PC in your hands as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provide accurate diagnoses in a reasonable time. This is how we repair your Surface RT 1516 right away.

At Surface Labs our priority is to repair existing Surface devicesin the best and fastest way possible.

Not only are we the oldest and most experienced when it comes to computer repair, we’re the best choice for specific Microsoft Surface RT repair. We offer a fast and quality service that puts the customer first. Most manufacturers keep you waiting indefinitely and end up sending you a refurbished device. We know you don’t have time to keep your device away from you for weeks. Most manufacturers keep you waiting indefinitely and end up sending you a refurbished device. We have no interest in selling new products; we simply want to repair the existing one. Our 12+ years of experience in the industry is what separates us from the competition, but we’ll let you witness what other customers have already seen. Ready to recover your PC?


At Surface Labs we will provide you with the quality in terms of computer repair that you have been looking for, along with a wide variety of benefits that you can attest to through the customer service and service carried out by our collaborators.

This is a little of what you can find with us:



Can’t you move to our facilities? Don’t worry, the company Surface Labs provides this service with ease for the customer in mind.

We will send 2 people from our staff who will take care of the repair of your device. Both will go to your home and carry out the repair directly in your presence. In case you need the service for a company, we will send more personnel, depending on the amount of equipment you have.

The technicians will carry all the necessary tools for the repair of Surface RT 1516. In the event that the staff considers that your equipment needs to be transferred to our facilities due to the complexity of the damage, we will carry out the transfer with your due permission.

We must emphasize that, when requesting technical support at home, you will only have to cover the costs of the repair. Transfers are part of the service. If you’re busy or just can’t make it to the Surface Labsoffices, ask for this system. You will observe the entire repair process, from start to finish.



As long as your PC is not given an accurate diagnosis, it could be at risk. At Surface Labs, we know. That is why we provide the best diagnoses in Madrid and, in addition,it is completely free!This is part of customer service. The only thing you have to do to obtain it is request it and provide the machine to the specialized team of our workshop.

Your SurfaceRT 1516 will be evaluated by it. In this way, we will give you, in less time than you thought, an accurate diagnosis that will help with the repair of the computer. Are you not satisfied with the diagnosis provided by other companies? Request a second opinion at Surface Labs. We do it for you and for thewell-beingof your tool.



We work from Monday to Friday, during business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. It is not necessary to have an appointment to request technical service Surface RT 1516. We carry out urgent repairs. You only have to provide us with the PC so that it can be evaluated and the repair can be carried out in a limited time.

Don’t be afraid to come with us. If you need the service during non-working hours, contact us by phone.



Has it happened to you that when you wanted to buy a new computer, the prices exceeded your budget? It’s a very common thing, don’t worry. But it is not necessary to get to this point if you have a Surface in your hands, but with some damage. Whatever it is, it’s fixable.

All our services are highly requested due to the quality and easy access in terms of costs.

We work with the current prices of the technical market. Therefore, all our prices are completely fair and adapted to your pocket.

Are you worried about the cost of Surface RT 1516 technical service? Request a quote for what your device requires. It’s completely free and will give you an idea of ​​the total cost. Requesting our support is the best option for you. Without a doubt, it is an investment that you do not want to miss out on and much cheaper than buying a new computer!



Among the services we provide at Surface Labs, you will find changes to components or spare parts. We make screen changes, Surface RT1516 batteries, motherboard and much more original and new components.

Avoid making changes to components that are not original, it can cause functionality problems on your PC. Request our help. We are here to support you.


We share with our clients, our family of Surface Labs, all the details around the repair of the computer. This is how we generate greater trust and closeness with all of them.

During the computer repair process we like to let customers know what is being done with their PC. Likewise, they will be able to get an idea of how long it will take them to work with their devices again.

But if you prefer to come to the workshop and witness how we carry out Surface repairs, you can do it without any problem.


Surface RT 1516 support is within your reach. Requesting it is very easy, you just have to perform the following steps:

In just 4 steps you will get the technical service you need. The Surface Labs company will recover the functionality of your equipment and in a very short time ☑️


Our staff of trained professionalswill provide you with the best technical support in all of Madrid. The only thing you have to do to verify the quality of our services is to request the corresponding repair.

The contact can be directly in our facilities or by telephone. Don’t know our address or mobile number? Don’t worry, both are provided on ourcontact website.

In our facilities, you will meet our administrative staff, who will guide you throughout the technical repair process ☑️

You will also get to know the technical staff up close, who will answer any questions you may have regarding the Surface RT 1516 technical service. Don’t wait any longer to recover your important work and entertainment tool!