If you own a first generation surface computer, you will surely present, at some point, certain technical problems that are difficult to repair (at least on your own). What do you need? Surface RT support from Surface Labs. We will be able to recover the functionality of your equipment throughthe best skills and techniques in the IT market. With us you will find a quality service, the best attention and an accurate diagnosis. We are here to help you.

Many customersdon’t know how to locate specialized Surface RT support

At Surface Labs we help you make this easier. You can locate us in the center of Madrid, if you want to move to our facilities, but you also have the option of requesting the collection and delivery service, for your entire comfort. We have experience handling and repairing technical problems with Surface RT equipment. Among the most requested services are:


The useful life of your surface RT equipment will depend on the quality of the technical service you provide and the care you provide. It is advisable to provide a constant technical service. In this way, you avoid technical complications and internal software or hardware damage is discovered in time. We carry out constant maintenance if you request it, we evaluate the equipment and diagnose any problem that exists in it, on time and accurately. In addition, our technical staff will provide you with relevant information that will help you keep your PC in excellent condition from the comfort of your home.


With years in the market, providing technical service throughout Madrid, we have learned to innovate, which is why we provide a home collection and delivery service at Surface Labs. Through it, customers who cannot come to our facilities can request the service and purchase it from the comfort of their home. At Surface Labs we will support you with two experts from our technical team who will go to your home or business to provide you with surface RT technical service. They will have the necessary tools available for the corresponding repair. By performing the corresponding evaluations and observing the level of complexity, the technical staff will decide if the repair can be carried out in the customer’s home or if it is necessary to move the PC to our facilities. You should not worry about having to make extra payments, you only have to pay for the repair (the transfer is part of the service)


Requesting a technicalservice for a piece of equipment as innovative as the surface RT should not be taken lightly. First of all, we invite you to know the benefits that Surface Labsoffers you ➡️

We work quickly, but efficiently. At Surface Labs we help you recover the functionality of your equipment


For years, we have stood out in the market not only for the quality of our work, but also for the attention given to all our clients. At Surface Labs, customers will always be a priority, it is our policy. Therefore, keeping them abreast of the repair process will be a constant in our company. You will have the opportunity to observe the process and share your doubts with the technical staff. You will also be able to meet and exchange experiences with other clients and check the quality of the service to be requested.


35% of customers avoid providing the quality service that their machines deserve for fear of the cost that this may have, including that related to diagnosis (they charge it, in some cases) Therefore, they go with low quality services and receive wrong diagnoses that cause direct damage to the equipment. At Surface Labs, we have the support of professionals with experience in technical diagnosis. Every diagnostic we provide is spot on and helps directly with device repair. What should you do to get the diagnosis? Request the service and provide your equipment to our technical staff. There will be no additional charges for it!


All our services are fully accessible to customers who require them. We work directly with technical market prices. We provide quality, but at an affordable price. In this way, we provide what is necessary to recover the functionality of the devices without this representing a greater expense for the users. We work with completely free quotes. In this way, you will know the totality to pay for the recovery of your Microsoft Surface. Most of the companies present high quotes because it is a personalized service for an innovative team with a high technical complexity. Surface Labs, for its part, presents fair prices to each of its customers. The priority is to return the PC in good condition and operational.


You don’t have to worry about the end result of your computer repair. In the event that, after having returned the PC, there are still problems, you have the option of taking the guarantee (if the equipment is not more than six months old) so that we can do the job again and properly. We want you to get the best impression of the professionals who work in our workshop and that is what you will get.

Be part of Surface Labs

You just have to follow the following steps to be part of the list of satisfied customers of Surface Labs:

-Make initial contact.
-Receive your diagnosis.
-And, of course, the most accurate price on the market.
-Wait for the computer repair process to finish.
– Make the corresponding payment.

In just 5 steps you will obtain the expected results and fully recover the functionality of your PC thanks to RT technical support

Call us and request the best surface RT technical service in all of Madrid