Surface screen repair in Madrid

Microsoft Surface broken or crashed? Don’t worry, we can repair it. Do you want to check it?

That a failure in the screen of your Surface does not paralyze your work

Don’t worry because we can fix your computer screen quickly.

Our Surface Microsoft support team will take care of that so you don’t waste any more valuable time looking for screen repair on this tablet model.

The broken screen of your Microsoft Surface will be a thing of the past

Delicate equipment deserves delicate treatment. Until recently, places where Microsoft Surface service could be performed were not very visible. Therefore, the care you had and continue to have with your team is of a high level. However, you just noticed that it has been broken. How? When? Where? It is not what worries you at this moment, but in solving the situation right now.  

We understand you We were once in your shoes and we know how complicated it is not to be able to count on your team instantly, even more so when it is part of your work tools.

That’s why we don’t want you to go through the same thing. We are ready to give you the help you need, without overcharging for the Surface technical service provided.

How much does a Surface screen repair cost in Madrid?

Have you thought about the approximate amount that a Surface technical service center in Madrid or Spain would charge you for providing this service? The safest thing is that you get an idea that it may not be exactly cheap. Perhaps, depending on what you consider under that concept. However, the most important thing or what you have to know is that, despite this, it will never be as expensive as buying a completely new PC, right?

Now, answering the question, the reality is that the amount varies, depending on the case or what each PC needs. Thus, we can speak of a base amount of approximately 200 euros.

You may also be wondering in how many days you can have the device in your hands again. But you don’t have to worry because this procedure can take just a few hours. Yes, hours! One or two, to be exact, in most cases. However, there are other problems that require more attention and, therefore, more time. You will only have to wait until, after the small diagnosis, the technical service personnel who do this work for you (if you have selected it) tell you when they can deliver the device to you.

Now, if you choose to do Surface screen repair yourself, we’ll tell you it’s possible. You need a few tools and patience, a lot of patience. If you have never performed a procedure like this, be very careful with the pieces you are going to handle.

In addition to the tools you are going to use, you will need to know the model of your Surface in order to buy the exact screen to change.

Surface screen repair in Madrid done by you

Continuing with what was said above, you have the option to carry out the repair or change of the Surface screen DYI, that is, by yourself. We have also mentioned the need for you to have the necessary tools at hand, as well as patience when doing this process. This is what you will require, more specifically:

  • Find out what model your Surface is. Which is surely something you already know. If not, look for it among your settings and write it down so that you take into account the screen that you have to change.
  • Know the damage of this part. It is thanks to this that you will be able to take action on the problem. To verify that this is indeed the conflict, we recommend that you connect your Surface to an extra monitor, if possible. If you still cannot see anything on the screen, perhaps the problem has its origin in the graphics card and this is the element to change. If you are not sure, leave it in the hands of a Surface technical service expert in Madrid or Spain.
  • Yes, indeed, the problem is in the screen and you must change it, get the one for your specific model. That is the reason why you need to know the model of PC you own.

  • As for the tools you are going to use, you have the following: a magnetic Phillips screwdriver, a putty knife, a pin or needle, tape and a small plate. Likewise, make sure that the workspace is a clean and dry place, without other elements that can confuse you in the process.
  • Going into the subject, or step by step, the first thing is to place the Surface on the table or workspace. Remove the power supply and its battery.
  • The next thing to do is identify the screws on the screen and remove them, as well as the adhesive that holds part of the screen, if any. To do this, help yourself with the screwdriver and, if required, with the pin.
  • Using the putty knife, remove the bezel from the Surface display and set it aside on the table.
  • Once you’ve removed it, remove the screen as well. If there are any other screws, remove them.
  • Disconnect the video cables. If they’re not damaged, you’ll know you’re on the right track by choosing to replace your Surface screen.
  • What comes next is to locate the new screen and place it in the same place where the old one was, the damaged one. Once it fits, connect the wires back together and secure with tape, if necessary. Replace the bezel, screws, and other items that you removed that hold the screen in place.
  • Verify that you’ve done the procedure correctly by turning on your Surface. You should see the image on the monitor as before.

Your Microsoft Surface as functional as ever

With an original screen that will make it work for you for years


We attest to the good results of our work. However, if an adverse situation related to the same fault arises, we attend to it immediately.


Continuing with the good care of your equipment, we make sure that it is treated under the best conditions. To do this, our professionals use the best tools on the market.


Although we work with original brand parts, we offer prices adapted to your pocket. You will only worry about receiving your equipment in excellent condition.


When it comes to repairing Surface screens, you can be sure that you will find the right one for your equipment at our store. We have a variety of models at your fingertips.

Don’t leave it for later

Replace your broken Surface screen now so you can use your PC as well as ever.


If what worries you is that, for the moment, you cannot take the equipment to our offices or pick it up when the screen change has been made, don’t worry. We can pick it up and bring it back to your home or place of work for your entire comfort.


Some technical service centers in Spain make a first charge for the review of your equipment, but we, thinking of your savings, carry out this work free of charge. You will only pay for the change of the Surface screen or any other fault that the equipment presents.


 SurfaceWe understand that not all of our customers have the availability to come to our location and wait for Surface repair. For this reason, we offer an exclusive service for all of them. Our technical service team can come to your home to carry out the corresponding screen repair.


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